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Command Reference


Extract the package.

Checks to see if the rpm database exists. If not, creates it. Then uses rpm -Uvh to install the package with movable package prefix ${opts.installroot}. Uses sudo by default.


ctl -t rpm -o <objectname> -c extract [-base <>] -dbpath <> -filename <> [-filtersfile <>] -installroot <> [-script <>] -url <> -usesudo <>


Option Description Type Default
base package base name string ${entity.package-base}
dbpath rpm database path string ${entity.attribute.rpmDbPath}
filename the filename string ${entity.package-filename}
filtersfile filtersfile string ${entity.package-filtersfile}
installroot the install root string ${entity.package-install-root}
script script to execute string ${entity.attribute.package-extract-script}
url the repo url string ${entity.package-repo-url}
usesudo whether to use sudo to run rpm string ${entity.attribute.rpmUseSudo}