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Command Reference


Query model and switch package dependencies to the specified version or buildstamp.

Invokes the runChangeDependencies command inherited by Deployment. If the "-dispatch" flag is used -OR- the "dispatchChangeDependencies" attribute is set, then instead the command is dispatched to the subordinated dependency objects.


ctl -t Mediator -o <objectname> -c Change-Dependencies [-buildstamp <>] [-dispatch] [-resourcename <.*>] [-resourcetype <[^\.]*>] [-version <>]


Option Description Type Default
buildstamp build identifier. Required if no -version opt string ${entity.attribute.buildstamp}
dispatch dispatch command to child dependencies boolean
resourcename resource name pattern string .* / ${entity.attribute.dispatchResourceName}
resourcetype resource type name string [^\.]* / ${entity.attribute.dispatchResourceType}
version package version. Required if no -buildstamp opt string