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Command Reference


Remove package objects from the repository.

Processes results of repoFind and removes each package from the repository - deleting the file from the webdav and object in the project model.

The -packagename and -packagetype arguments allow one to filter the repoFind result data, only purging objects matching those patterns.


ctl -t Builder -o <objectname> -c repoPurge [-buildertype <>] [-buildstamp <>] [-ignoreparents <false>] [-packagename <.*>] [-packagetype <>] [-session <repoFind.session>]


Option Description Type Default
buildertype builder type string ${context.type}
buildstamp build identifier (regex allowed) string ${entity.attribute.packagePurgeRegex}
ignoreparents delete package even if it is associated with a parent resource string false / ${entity.attribute.packagePurgeIgnoreparents}
packagename package name string .*
packagetype type (or subtype) of package to find string ${entity.attribute.packageType}
session session results are stored string repoFind.session