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Command Reference


Confirm the package is installed.

Queries the RPM database to see if the package is installed. Runs as root by default, but this is usually not necessary if the RPM database is world-readable.


ctl -t rpm -o <objectname> -c assertPackageIsInstalled -base <> [-basedir <>] -dbpath <> [-depot <>] [-installroot <>] [-name <>] [-nodeps] [-nodir] [-nomodule] [-nopackageinstall] [-noproperties] [-script <>] [-subdirs <>] [-type <>] -usesudo <> -version <>


Option Description Type Default
base package base name string ${entity.package-base}
basedir instance directory string ${entity.instance.dir}
dbpath rpm database path string ${entity.attribute.rpmDbPath}
depot project depot string ${context.depot}
installroot package installroot string ${entity.package-install-root}
name object name string ${}
nodeps do not install dependencies boolean
nodir do not create directories boolean
nomodule do not update module boolean
nopackageinstall do not install package boolean
noproperties do not update properties boolean
script script to execute string ${entity.attribute.package-isinstalled-script}
subdirs directory list string
type object type string ${context.type}
usesudo whether to use sudo to run rpm string ${entity.attribute.rpmUseSudo}
version package version string ${entity.package-version}