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Import packages into the repository.

The repoImport command recursively scans directories under -targetdir looking for files that match the regexes: (filebase)(?:buildstamp)?.(extension) loading them into the repository if the necessary metadata is provided.

There are two setup modes for repoImport:

  1. Single package import: If only one build artifact is generated by the Builder, then ensure the follwoing: -min and -max both use a value of "1", -type refers to an existing Package type, -installroot refers to a valid file path.
  2. Multiple package import: If multiple build artifacts are generated by the Builder, then it is possible to use a -propfile as a metadata template for each kind of package to import.
The repoImport command assumes that the Package subtype already exists and will fail if the type is not defined in the project model.

The command will fail if the -min and -max criteria are not met.

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m Builder -c repoImport [-buildstamp <>] [-extension <>] [-filebase <>] [-installrank <>] [-installroot <>] [-max <>] [-min <>] [-packageBuildtimePattern <>] [-propfile <>] [-requirebuildstamp <>] [-separator <->] [-targetdir <>] [-type <>] [-vendor <>] [-version <>]


Option Description Type Default
buildstamp build identifier string ${entity.attribute.buildstamp}
extension package file extension string ${entity.attribute.packageExtension}
filebase package file base string ${entity.attribute.packageFilebase}
installrank package install-rank string ${entity.attribute.packageInstallRank}
installroot package install-root string ${entity.attribute.packageInstallroot}
max maximum number of packages to import after build string ${entity.attribute.importMax}
min minimum number of packages to import after build string ${entity.attribute.importMin}
packageBuildtimePattern timestamp pattern string ${entity.attribute.packageBuildtimePattern}
propfile metadata template file used during package registration string
requirebuildstamp whether or not to require that files be matched by buildstamp string
separator package name separator character string - / ${entity.attribute.packageSeparator}
targetdir top level directory containing build artifacts string ${entity.attribute.targetdir}
type package type

This must be a pre-existing type in the project model.

string ${entity.attribute.packageType}
vendor package vendor string / ${entity.attribute.packageVendor}
version package version string