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Upload type module jar files to the repository.

Searches the targetdir for files matching "type-version.extension". If found, then the file is uploaded as a type jar. This command uses the module-uploadjar Ant task to interact with the server to load the type jar into the active model for the project. Workbench will perform file generation for shellscript and workflow command handlers, if they were not present in the model.


ctl -t ProjectBuilder -o <objectname> -c load-types [-buildstamp <>] [-extension <jar>] [-filebase <.*>] [-propfile <>] [-targetdir <>] [-version <[0-9]+>]


Option Description Type Default
buildstamp build identifier string
extension file extension string jar
filebase type name pattern string .*
propfile property file name string
targetdir target directory string ${entity.attribute.targetdir}
version file version string [0-9]+