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Get the properties for the deployment.

The Get-Properties command requests information about the object from the server and saves its local instance directory in the AntDepo project depot.

The -direction and -proximity arguments use command settings defined with the module for defaults.

Internally, Get-Properties uses an Ant task to communicate with the server to retrieve object model information which is transformed into Java properties key/value pair format. To reduce load on the server, the Get-Properties command only requires the server to generate data if the object revision has changed since the last invocation. This check can be defeated through the use of the -force flag which will first call Remove-Properties.


ctl -t Deployment -o <objectname> -c Get-Properties [-destfile <${}>] [-direction <internal>] [-force] [-noexpand] [-print] [-proximity <1>]


Option Description Type Default
destfile file to save property data string ${}
direction dependency view direction (internal, external, bidirectional) string internal / ${module.viewdoc.direction-constraint}
force Remove old properties file first boolean
noexpand Do not expand the property values boolean
print flag specifying Properties command should run after properties are saved boolean
proximity dependency view proximity string 1 / ${module.viewdoc.proximity-constraint}