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Create an archive of objects matching the specified type and name.

Create an archive of objects that match the specified type name and object name pattern, and for each match retrieve its property data and include it in the archive. The archive also includes a configuration that maps deployments to nodes.

The specified -type argument will be used to find any objects of that type OR any of its subtypes. This is useful when you want to find broad ranges of objects.


ctl -t ProjectBuilder -o <objectname> -c archive-objects [-basedir <>] [-file <${user.dir}/${context.depot}-objects.jar>] [-name <.*>] [-targetdir <>] [-type <Deployment>]


Option Description Type Default
basedir directory where modules reside string ${entity.attribute.basedir}
file the file name string ${user.dir}/${context.depot}-objects.jar
name the object name string .*
targetdir directory build artifacts will be written string ${entity.attribute.targetdir}
type the object type

The -type option is interpreted as a type name. A regex pattern cannot be used as its argument.

string Deployment