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Command Reference


Install the deployment, and its module and properties to AntDepo.

Installs the object into the local AntDepo project depot. The Install command is essentially a command workflow that calls the Install-Module and Get-Properties command (though there are boolean flags to skip those commands).


ctl -t Deployment -o <objectname> -c Install [-basedir <${entity.instance.dir}>] [-depot <>] [-name <>] [-nodir] [-nomodule] [-noprocessview] [-noproperties] [-subdirs <>] [-type <>]


Option Description Type Default
basedir instance directory string ${entity.instance.dir} / ${entity.deployment-basedir}
depot project depot string ${context.depot}
name object name string ${}
nodir do not create directories boolean
nomodule do not update module boolean
noprocessview do not update process view boolean
noproperties do not update properties boolean
subdirs directory list string ${entity.attribute.subdirs}
type object type string ${context.type}