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Command Reference


Register the package to the repository.

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m Package -c register [-arch <>] [-base <>] [-buildtime <>] [-depot <>] [-description <>] [-filename <>] [-filetype <>] [-installrank <>] [-installroot <>] [-name <>] [-release <>] [-releasetag <>] [-restart] [-type <>] [-url <>] [-vendor <>] [-version <>] [-xml <>]


Option Description Type Default
arch host architecture string
base the package base name string
buildtime time package was built string
depot project depot name string
description description of the object string
filename the file name string
filetype the package file type string
installrank install rank string
installroot the installation root string
name the object name string
release the package release string
releasetag release tag string
restart requires restart boolean
type the object type string
url the repo url string
vendor the package producer string
version the package version string
xml xml file containing object data string