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Load jobs into jobcenter via an XML file.

Uploads an XML file to Jobcenter containing Jobs in the jobs.xml format. The file is specified with the -file option. Connection options are required. When duplicate jobs already exist in Jobcenter, the action can be determined by specifying the -dupeOption option, whose values are iterated below:

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m ProjectBuilder -c load-jobs [-dupeoption <update>] -file <> [-password <>] [-url <>] [-username <>]


Option Description Type Default
dupeoption Action to perform in case of a duplicate Job

The behavior when encountering existing jobs wih the same name can be changed by specifying one of the values below. The default is update.

  • update - Jobs with the same name will be updated to reflect the content in the file
  • create - New Jobs will be created with the same name and the content in the file
  • skip - Jobs will be skipped
string update
file Path to the jobs.xml file string
password Jobcenter password string ${framework.server.password}
url jobcenter server URL string ${framework.jobcenter.url}
username Jobcenter Username string ${framework.server.username}