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Documentation is available on the ControlTier Wiki: Utility Type Guide - davutil

About Commands


To access resources maintained in the WebDAV repository it is often necessary to authenticate first. All the davutil commands support two parameters, -username and -password, that let you specify the login information. These parameters are not required and actually default to settings in the CTL [[]] configuration file:

  • framework.webdav.username
  • framework.webdav.password

To specify arbritary username/password values use the following form:

	  ctl -m davutil -c <command> -- -username user -password pass <command-args>

dav:// prefix

The davutil commands all require URL parameters to point to the specific DAV URLs to act upon. All of these parameters allow the dav:// shortcut schema to be used in place of the full DAV root URL used by the ControlTier webdav server.

For example this URL:


Can be shortened to:


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