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Replace text within matching files of a directory. (deprecated)

Deprecated. See textutil#replace

If project option is specified, then only files that appear to be Jena models for that project name will be modified. (Having the file name pattern "*_U${opts.project}"). Otherwise, any files with extensions as listed in the exts option (sans-periods) will be modified.


ctl -t ProjectBuilder -o <objectname> -c refactor-rename [-basedir <>] [-exts <.xml,.properties,.txt,.rdf,.html,.n3,.conf>] -pattern <> [-project <>] -replace <>


Option Description Type Default
basedir directory to search string ${entity.attribute.basedir}
exts comma-separated list of extensions to search string .xml,.properties,.txt,.rdf,.html,.n3,.conf
pattern pattern to find string
project name of project for model replacement only string
replace string to replace pattern with string