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Command Reference


Register the deployment as an object to the repository.

The Register command registers an object in the project model maintained in the server. The registration information will include the values specified by the depot, type, name as well as -basedir, -installroot and -node. The -node argument specifies what node this object should be a child dependency to.

If the -install flag is set, the Install command is also run.

Bootstrapping non-basetype objects

In cases where the object is not a base type, a second syntax style can be used.

ctl -p project -m Deployment -c Register --\
	  -name name -type YourType \
	  -basedir /path/to/basedir -installroot /path/to/installroot \

... or ...

ctl -p project -m Deployment -c Register --\
	  -xml /path/to/object.xml -install

This alternate usage does not assume a module for your type has been installed yet and relies on the Deployment basetype module instead.

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m Deployment -c Register [-basedir <>] [-depot <>] [-description <>] [-install] [-installrank <>] [-installroot <>] [-name <>] [-node <${}>] [-type <>] [-xml <>]


Option Description Type Default
basedir base directory string
depot project depot name string ${context.depot}
description object description string
install after registration, run Install command boolean
installrank install rank string
installroot install directory string
name object name string ${}
node after registration, bind this object to the specified node string ${}
type type name string ${context.type}
xml metadata xml file string