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Command Reference


Dispatch the specified command to child dependencies that match the specified type and name.


ctl -t Mediator -o <objectname> -c dispatchCmd [-buildstamp <>] -command <> [-dispatchOptions <>] [-keepgoing] [-resourcename <.*>] [-resourceorder <[^\.]*>] [-resourcetype <[^\.]*>] [-sortorder <ascending>] [-strategy <nodedispatch>] [-threadcount <1>]


Option Description Type Default
buildstamp Unique build and deployment identifier string
command command to dispatch string
dispatchOptions pass extra options to pass string / ${entity.attribute.dispatchOptions}
keepgoing If true, all iterations of the called workflow will be executed, even if a task in one or more of them fails. boolean
resourcename resource name pattern string .* / ${entity.attribute.dispatchResourceName}
resourceorder resource order name string [^\.]* / ${entity.attribute.dispatchBaseType}
resourcetype resource type name string [^\.]* / ${entity.attribute.dispatchResourceType}
sortorder order to sort resources string ascending / ${entity.attribute.dispatchSortOrder}
strategy Execution dispatch strategy string nodedispatch / ${entity.attribute.dispatchExecutionStrategy}
threadcount Number of concurrent threads to dispatch string 1 / ${entity.attribute.threadCount}