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Command Reference


Set node data

Define a Node object and its properties.

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m modelutil -c node-set [-ctlbase <>] [-ctlhome <>] [-ctluser <>] -depot <> [-description <>] [-hostname <>] -name <> [-osarch <>] [-osfamily <>] [-osname <>] [-osversion <>] [-tags <>] -type <Node>


Option Description Type Default
ctlbase the ctl base dir string
ctlhome the ctl home dir string
ctluser the ctl user string
depot project depot name string ${context.depot}
description the node description string
hostname the node hostname string
name logical node name string
osarch the node architecture string
osfamily the os family string
osname the os name string
osversion the os version string
tags the node tags string
type the node type string Node


Define a node not already defined in the model

ctl -p demo -m modelutil -c node-set --\
		-name centos2 -hostname centos2 -osfamily unix -osname Linux -osarch i386 -ctluser alexh -tags mytag