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Retrieve deployment data

Retrieve a Deployment objects properties

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m modelutil -c deployment-get [-basedir] -depot <> [-description] [-format <sh>] [-installroot] -name <> [-output <>] [-startuprank] -type <Deployment>


All of the boolean parameters return the property value for the object.

Option Description Type Default
basedir return the basedir value boolean
depot project depot name string ${context.depot}
description return the deployment description boolean
format output format: properties,sh Recognized formats:
  • properties: key/value pairs: key=value
  • sh: result defined as environment variables: key=value; export key
  • bat: result defined as environment variables: set key=value
string sh
installroot return the deployment installroot boolean
name the deployment name string
output output file string
startuprank return the deployment startuprank boolean
type the deployment type string Deployment


Retrieve the data for a deployment already defined in the model. Use "sh" format (the default)

ctl -p demo -m modelutil -c deployment-get -- -name tomcat1 -type Service \
		-basedir -installroot -description 

Should return output like this:

DESCRIPTION="the first tomcat deployment"; export DESCRIPTION
BASEDIR="/usr/local/tomcat"; export BASEDIR
INSTALLROOT="/usr/local/apache-tomcat-5.5.26"; export INSTALLROOT

Retrieve the info again but this time get the data in properties format

$ ctl -p demo -m modelutil -c deployment-get -- -name tomcat1 -type Service \
      -basedir -installroot -description -format properties
#deployment-get output
#Tue Jul 21 11:31:49 PDT 2009
description=the first tomcat deployment