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Query project for objects matching query params.

This command is used to query the active model on the server for any objects matching the option specifications and saves the result in a session that can be used by purge-objects.

You can also specify the -out <filepath> option to store the search results in a file which conforms to the project.xml format used by the load-objects command.

The -purge option will delete the matching objects on the server. It can be combined with -out <filename> to first store the xml definitions of the objects prior to deleting them.

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m ProjectBuilder -c find-objects [-name <.*>] [-out <>] [-purge] [-session <find.session>] [-type <Managed-Entity>] [-useregex <true>]


Option Description Type Default
name object name (or regex) string .*
out Output file destination for a project.xml document string
purge purge found objects boolean
session session name string find.session
type object type name (or regex) string Managed-Entity
useregex Use regexes to match object name and type string true


Find all objects of zip type:

ctl -p project -m ProjectBuilder -c find-objects --\
	  -type zip

Find all objects of zip type, and store the project.xml in a file called zips.xml:

ctl -p project -m ProjectBuilder -c find-objects --\
	  -type zip -out zips.xml