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Command Reference


Find package objects in the repository.

The repoFind command queries the project model maintained in the server for packages that match -packagetype, -version and/or -buildstamp. All results are stored in a named session.

If the -purge option is specified, the results will be passed as input to the repoPurge for removal from the repository.


ctl -t Builder -o <objectname> -c repoFind [-buildertype <>] [-buildstamp <.*>] [-buildtime <.*>] [-packagename <.*>] [-packagetype <>] [-purge] [-session <repoFind.session>]


Option Description Type Default
buildertype builder type string ${context.type}
buildstamp build identifier (regex allowed) string .*
buildtime build time of packages to find (regex allowed) string .*
packagename name of package to find string .*
packagetype type (or subtype) of package to find string ${entity.attribute.packageType}
purge run repoPurge using results of find boolean
session store results in session string repoFind.session