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Command Reference


Create a package archive. Runs rpmbuild.

Generates a spec file using the template in this module (you may change the template in subtypes) and build it with rpmbuild. By default generates a movable RPM.

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m rpm -c create [-autoreq <>] [-category <>] [-copyright <>] [-distribution <>] [-group <>] [-license <>] -manifest <> -name <> [-packager <>] -prefix <> [-provides <>] -release <> [-requires <>] [-script <>] -targetdir <> [-url <>] [-user <>] [-vendor <>] -version <>


Option Description Type Default
autoreq Sets Auto Requirement string ${entity.attribute.rpmAutoreq}
category Package category (group) string ${entity.attribute.rpmCategory}
copyright package copyright message string ${entity.attribute.rpmCopyright}
distribution Product distribution string ${entity.attribute.rpmDistribution}
group default group name string ${entity.attribute.rpmDefaultGroup}
license Software license string ${entity.attribute.rpmLicense}
manifest file of paths to include in the rpm string
name package name string
packager name of packager string ${entity.attribute.rpmPackager}
prefix relocatable directory prefix string
provides adds Provides to RPM string ${entity.attribute.rpmProvides}
release package release string
requires adds Requires to RPM string ${entity.attribute.rpmRequires}
script script to execute string ${entity.attribute.package-create-script}
targetdir location of the rpm build directories string
url url to package home string ${entity.attribute.rpmUrl}
user default user name string ${entity.attribute.rpmDefaultUser}
vendor name of vendor string ${entity.attribute.rpmVendor}
version package version string