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Generate an initial set of object data files from the type templates.

Reads type definitions and generates an initial set of object data files suitable to load in the server with load-objects.

Example: Bootstrap files containing deployment and setting object info

ctl -p project -t ProjectBuilder -o object -c generate-objects

Files will be written to directory: ${opts.basedir}/objects


ctl -t ProjectBuilder -o <objectname> -c generate-objects [-basedir <>] [-basetype <all>] [-defaults <>] [-delimiter <:>] [-format <projectxml>] [-name <default>] [-overwrite] [-targetdir <>] [-templateDir <>] [-type <>] [-upload]


Option Description Type Default
basedir dir containing modules string ${entity.attribute.basedir}
basetype specifies the basetype of object dataOnly relevant for the tabular format.
At this time, the tabulur format supports two base types: Deployment and Setting. Each type element in the type.xml must specify an order attribute (e.g, <type order="Deployment" ...) for the generate-objects command to understand how to format the tabular layout.
string all
defaults file containing defaults data string / ${entity.attribute.defaults}
delimiter field delimiter. Only relevant if format is tabular. Defaults to ":" (colon) string :
format data format. tabular or projectxml. string projectxml
name name to give objects string default
overwrite overwrite existing files boolean
targetdir dir containing build string ${entity.attribute.targetdir}
templateDir file containing defaults data string / ${entity.attribute.templateDir}
type type name

Only relevant for the tabular format. If type not specified, the object data for all types in basedir will be generated

upload load objects after they are generated boolean