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Command Reference


Install the deployment, its modules and properties to CTL, as well as any child dependency deployments.


ctl -t Mediator -o <objectname> -c Install [-basedir <${entity.instance.dir}>] [-depot <${context.depot}>] [-name <${}>] [-nodir] [-nodispatch] [-nomodule] [-noproperties] [-strategy <>] [-subdirs <bin,conf,logs,var>] [-type <${context.type}>]


Option Description Type Default
basedir base directory string ${entity.instance.dir}
depot project depot string ${context.depot}
name object name string ${}
nodir do not create directories boolean
nodispatch do not dispatch Install action to child resources boolean
nomodule do not update module boolean
noproperties do not update properties boolean
strategy dispatch execution strategy string ${entity.attribute.dispatchExecutionStrategy}
subdirs directory list string bin,conf,logs,var
type object type string ${context.type}