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Gets the process view file for the object.

Retrieves the process view xml file.


Managed-Entity includes this base implementation for accessing and storing the process view driven by the following two parameters.

  • entity.processview.file: This property references the file where process view will be stored. By default it is stored as ${entity.instance.dir}/var/pview.xml.
  • entity.processview.url: This property references a URL that can be used to retrieve the file.

The locations for either property above can be modified via the framework configuration file, ${antdepo.base}/etc/

For efficiency sake, this implementation uses a timestamp check to compare if the ${entity.processview.url} is newer than ${entity.processview.file}, and if so, will download a new copy.

Data Format

The process view XML format is used by Jobcenter.


ctl -t Managed-Entity -o <objectname> -c Get-Process-View


Option Description Type Default