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Load object data from a file into the project model on the server.

The load-objects command provides the capability to read type instance data from a file and load it into the active project model running on the server.

Each type's module directory can contain an objects sub directory where files containing object data can be stored.

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m ProjectBuilder -c load-objects [-basedir <>] [-basetype <>] [-delimiter <:>] [-filename <>] [-format <projectxml>] [-type <all>]


Option Description Type Default
basedir dir containing modules string ${entity.attribute.basedir}
basetype specifies the basetype of object data

If type is not specified but filename is, type will default to base of the ${opts.filename} arugment minus the extension.

delimiter field delimiter. Only relevant if format is tabular. Defaults to ":" (colon) string :
filename filename containing object data

If filename is not specified but type is, filename will default to ${opts.type}.tab

format data format. Either "tabular" or "projectxml". string projectxml
type type name

If type not specified, the object data for all types in basedir will be loaded

string all


The example below shows setting data being loaded on to the server.

The first example loads data defined as project XML format. Here a single file containing many object definitions of mixed type can be supplied to the load-objects command as follows:

ctl -p project -m ProjectBuilder -c load-objects -- -format projectxml -filename PathToFile

Alternatively, the tabular format can be used:

ctl -p project -t ProjectBuilder -o object -c load-objects --\
	  -type TypeX -format tabular -filename -basetype setting

Load-objects can default option values depending on other existing args. For example, if the file base is called setting the resource type will automatically be set to that. The reverse is also true. For example:

	    ctl -p project -t ProjectBuilder -o object -c load-objects --\
	       -type TypeX  -format tabular -filename 


	    ctl -p project -t ProjectBuilder -o object -c load-objects --\
	       -type TypeX  -format tabular -basetype setting

If all object data files should be processed, one can leave out both options:

ctl -p project -t ProjectBuilder -o object -c load-objects -- -type TypeX