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Command Reference


Set package data

Define a Package object and its properties.

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m modelutil -c package-set [-arch <>] [-base <>] [-buildtime <>] -depot <> [-description <>] [-filename <>] [-filetype <>] [-installrank <>] [-installroot <>] -name <> [-release <>] [-repourl <>] [-restart <>] -type <Package> [-vendor <>] [-version <>]


Option Description Type Default
arch the package arch string
base the package base string
buildtime the package buildtime string
depot project depot name string ${context.depot}
description the package description string
filename the package filename string
filetype the package fiiletype string
installrank the package installrank string
installroot the package installroot string
name logical package name string
release the package release string
repourl the package repourl string
restart the package restart string
type the package type string Package
vendor the package vendor string
version the package version string


Define the data for a package not yet defined in the model.

ctl -p demo -m modelutil -c package-set -- -name -type zip\
		-repourl http://strongbad:8080/jackrabbit/repository/workbench/pkgs/demo/zip/zips/\
		-base apache-tomcat-5.5.26 -filename -version 5.5.26 \
		-installroot ${env.CTIER_ROOT}/examples/service-package-deployment