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Build a type library.

Generates a library jar file from the types found in the -basedir/modules, saving the jar file into the -targetdir. The file created is named "library-${}.jar".

The builddir should contain types like this:

  • ${opts.basedir}/modules/
    • Type1/
      • type.xml
      • ...
    • Type2/
      • type.xml
      • ...

If the -upload flag is specified, the resulting library jar file will be uploaded to the server repository via the load-library command.

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m ProjectBuilder -c build-library [-archive <seed>] [-basedir <>] [-createjar <true>] [-name <>] [-targetdir <>] [-upload] [-version <1>]


Option Description Type Default
archive archive type to build. (seed or extension)

There are two kinds of library archives.

  • A "seed" archive can be uploaded to a ControlTier server and used to bootstrap projects in Workbench. (seed is default)
  • An "extension" archive can be installed as a CTL extension. Extensions are useful for enhancing the CTL installation with new modules, executables and supporting Jar files (which may include Ant tasks and types).
string seed
basedir directory containing modules directory string ${entity.attribute.basedir}
createjar if true, create the seed jar, otherwise only create the module jars string true
name library name string ${}
targetdir directory to save library string ${entity.attribute.targetdir}
upload upload library to repository boolean
version archive version string 1