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Retrieve package data

Retrieve a Package object's properties.

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m modelutil -c package-get [-arch] [-base] [-buildtime] -depot <> [-description] [-filename] [-filetype] [-format <sh>] [-installrank] [-installroot] -name <> [-output <>] [-release] [-repourl] [-restart] -type <Package> [-vendor] [-version]


All of the boolean parameters return the property value for the object.

Option Description Type Default
arch return the package arch boolean
base return the package base boolean
buildtime return the package buildtime boolean
depot project depot name string ${context.depot}
description return the package description boolean
filename return the package filename boolean
filetype return the package fiiletype boolean
format output format: properties,sh

Recognized formats:

  • properties: key/value pairs: key=value
  • sh: result defined as environment variables: key=value; export key
  • bat: result defined as environment variables: set key=value
string sh
installrank return the package installrank boolean
installroot return the package installroot boolean
name logical package name string
output output file string
release return the package release boolean
repourl return the package repourl boolean
restart return the package restart boolean
type the package type string Package
vendor return the package vendor boolean
version return the package version boolean


Retrieve the data for a package already defined in the model. Return the results to the console in Java properties format

ctl -p demo -m modelutil -c package-get -- -name -type zip -format properties\
		-repourl -base  -filename -installroot -version 

Output would resemble this: