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Print deployment properties to the console.

The Properties command prints out the contents of the object properties file generated by the Get-Properties command.

By default, the command uses the -format pretty option to present the property data in a human readable form. The -format plain option will print the property data in the normal Java property key/value form.

The -detail flag will include detail about child object data.


ctl -t Mediator -o <objectname> -c Properties [-detail] [-format <pretty>] [-nochildinfo] [-nodispatch] [-resourcename <.*>] [-resourcetype <[^\.]*>] [-strategy <>]


Option Description Type Default
detail print more detail boolean
format output format. pretty or plain string pretty
nochildinfo skip child dependencies info boolean
nodispatch do not dispatch to children boolean
resourcename resource name pattern string .* / ${entity.attribute.dispatchResourceName}
resourcetype resource type name string [^\.]* / ${entity.attribute.dispatchResourceType}
strategy dispatch execution strategy string ${entity.attribute.dispatchExecutionStrategy}