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Optionally automatically generate the buildstamp, updating the model if required

Updates the builder's BuilderBuildstamp resource value with the provided buildstamp or with a value automatically generated from the builder's attributes so that "entity.attribute.buildstamp" reflects the current value.


ctl -t Builder -o <objectname> -c setBuildstamp [-basedir <>] [-binding <>] [-build <>] [-buildstamp <>] [-connection <>] [-major <>] [-minor <>] [-release <>] [-tag <>]


Option Description Type Default
basedir build directory string ${entity.attribute.basedir}
binding SCM type string ${entity.attribute.scmBinding}
build Version build number string ${entity.attribute.versionBuild}
buildstamp build identifier string
connection SCM connection string string ${entity.attribute.scmConnection}
major Version major number string ${entity.attribute.versionMajor}
minor Version minor number string ${entity.attribute.versionMinor}
release Version release number string ${entity.attribute.versionRelease}
tag Version tag string ${entity.attribute.versionTag}