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Sends an email.

static: This command can be run outside of an object context.


ctl -m netutil -c email [-cc <>] [-failonerror <true>] [-files <>] [-from <>] -host <> [-message <>] [-messagefile <>] [-mimetype <text/html>] [-password <>] -port <> [-replyto <>] [-ssl <false>] -subject <> -to <> [-user <>]


Option Description Type Default
cc Recipients to carbon copy

Comma-separated list of recipients.

failonerror Fail if email cannot be delivered.

Causes command to exit with an error. Results in additional verbose messages, too.

string true / ${}
files Files to attach to message

Files to send as attachments to the email. Separate multiple file names using a comma or space.

from The sender email address string ${}
host The mail server. string ${}
message The message content string
messagefile The message file string
mimetype The content type of the message

The default is text/html but could also be text/plain.

string text/html
password Password for SMTP auth string ${}
port The port number to connect to. string ${}
replyto The message replyto address string ${}
ssl Connect using ssl. string false / ${}
subject Email subject line string
to The message recipeint

Comma-separated list of recipients.

user User name for SMTP auth string ${}